By Kyle Bargman, Sr.

Welcome to Phantasia: Rise of Warriors. It is an Online, Text-Based, Role Playing, Lord of the Rings fantasy game. Where you get to pick from a variety of races, aswell as shape them how you wish. You can choose to be that of the Dark Alignment: go out through the realm and cause great evil, or be that of Light Alignment, and defeat evil. Your goal is to level up gain positions of power, and become the number one player in all the realm. Do you accept this challenge?

Cheese-ball testimonials!

This is one of the better free online role-playing adventure games on the net. The multi-player interaction is terrific. - Felix

I used to waste my life playing Dungeons and Dragons. Today, I waste it in this fantasy adventure game. Free me, please! - Miles

This is the best game i have ever played. I spent at least 5 years enriching my life with its amazing gameplay and mezmorizing detail. - Keegan

Gas may hit $4 a gallon, but as least Phantasia is free. - Blake

We all hate P4 in reality its just much to addicting. - Clap

I could go on and on with the problems I see, but P4 wouldn't be anywhere without its perfect imperfections. - Gad

My mom said I could be a doctor, thank you phantasia for ruining my life. - Link

Nahum is the coolest thing since sliced bread - Viperjet

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